Upgrading StoreServ Management Console to 3.6

HPE recently released a new version of its management tool 3PAR arrays, called StoreServ Management Console 3.6. The latest version is visually not much different compared to previous versions but its engine to process data has been improved.

  • For an extended list of new features, the Release Notes document of SSMC 3.6 is available here.
  • The Administrator Guide for SSMC 3.6 can also be downloaded here.
  • Please note that when upgrading from 3.x to 3.6 the GUI Admin User is removed and instead the same userid is used as when logging into the SSMC appliance through CLI “ssmcadmin”.

Upgrading to StoreServ Management Console 3.6 is very simple and straight forward. All we need to do is download the executables, an upgrade .star file which is provided together with the SSMC package. In my case, I’m running SSMC version 3.4.1

  1. Navigate to HPE’s Software Depot and locate SSMC URL or click here.
  2. Log in with your HPE Passport and download the package.
  3. After extracting the downloaded package, take note of a file called HPESSMC- This is the upgrade file we are going to use in the next steps.
  4. Navigate to your SSMC homepage and login with your SSMC administrator credentials (Don’t forget to select the Administrator Console below the login box).
  5. Once you’re logged in as an administrator, head over to the right side on the top and click on Actions then Upgrade.
  6. Browse and select the upgrade file we located in Step 3 and click Upload.
  7. Once the upload has finished, click on Yes, Upgrade to confirm.
  8. The upgrade will start and depending on your appliance’s configuration, it might take a while.
  9. At a certain point, you’ll lose the connection with the webserver and any CLI session.
  10. In my case, it took me 6 minutes for the webserver to come up. I am using the recommended VM configuration for the SSMC appliance.
  11. Once the SSMC is up and running, you will notice the new version.

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6 Responses

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for this How-To. ..strange the procedure is not in admin guide.

    Seems like credentials are gone w upgrade.. Not able to login after upgrade using my credentials.
    Tried “Forgot password”, but haven’t configured SMTP yet.

    You should put in a sentence about that. 🙂

    Logged a case with HPE: Login is now “ssmcadmin” – I’d recorded that password. If not, I guess redeploy would be next 🙂

    1. Hello Ivar,
      Thanks for the feedback.
      Indeed, the userID “admin” used before to manage you SSMC portal does no longer exist. After upgrade it’s the same as the one you use to log in to your SSMC appliance via CLI.
      I’ve updated the article.

  2. Im using 3.3.1 version on windows, and there is no “update” option , What can I do?

    1. Hi Denis,
      Thanks for stopping by.
      HPE decided to create an individual package starting from SSMC 3.4. From this version and forwards it is delivered only as a appliance running on Linux.
      In short, you’ll need to download this appliance, and add it to your virtualization platforms (Hyper-V, VMWare, ..)

  3. Hi, Everybody.
    Now, I’m trying to upgrade SSMC from much earlier version 3.0.0 to the latest version.And facing at some troubles.

    I recognize the SSMC version should be v3.6 or above before upgrading to version 3.8. However I can not find out v3.6 software anywhere including HPE official site.
    What should I do ?

    To upgrade I logedin to Admin Console and clicked upper right button,
    but upgrade menu did not appear. Only add, disconnect and remove oputional menu appeared.
    What wrong with me ?

    I appreciate your kind help thank you regards.

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