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CommVault Shadow Copy Errors

CommVault backups might fail from time to time due to a bad VSS functioning. There is plenty of Microsoft articles on how to deal with VSS Snapshot failures. In this article we will focus on a particular error that occurs while a VSS snapshot fails to be taken.

HPE SSMC Custom Certificates

12/12/2020 | Learning | No Comments

StoreServ Management Console

In this article we will cover the steps to replace a self-signed certificate by a custom CA-signed SSL certificate. It is also highly recommended to perform a backup or take a snapshot/checkpoint of your SSMC appliance before making any changes.

LDAP over SSL for Primera and 3PAR

As you already know, Primera and 3PAR arrays use by default unsecured LDAP port 389. In our previous article we talked about HPE Primera LDAP Active Directory Integration. This article will focus on configuring LDAP over SSL (port 636) for Primera and StoreServ (3PAR) arrays.

Enable HTTPS protocol on Brocade switches

11/12/2019 | SAN | 10 Comments

Secure communication over https is becoming mandatory for most of web services, especially in enterprise environments. Security audits consider communication over http a critical part and therefore mark this aspect as a..